Monday , March 20 2023
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Medical Marijuana Petition for “Bengals/Browns Fans” Submitted in Ohio

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It’s no secret that being a Browns or Bengals fan is stressful, which has led to a petition being filed to add “Browns/Bengals Fans” as qualifying condition. The Ohio State Medical Board has received 27 other petitions to add other conditions to the list.

The Ohio State Medical Board is meeting on February 12 to talk over the received applications, according to 10 TV. During this discussion, it will be decided which petitions will be considered further. Final votes and decisions on accepted medical conditions for medical marijuana treatment won’t take place until this summer.

When a petition is submitted and is set to be discussed, a representative for that petition must be present. Scientific or relevant medical evidence is needed to support claims and have the condition considered further. Letters from physicians are also needed.

Petitions have also been received for:

  • Autism
  • Anxiety
  • Depression

While it may just be a joke in the eyes of some – being a Browns and Bengals fan can be painful, stressful and can cause anxiety or even depression. People take their sports seriously. While this petition isn’t likely to go anywhere, it’s worth seeing that some are feeling the stress of painful seasons for both teams this strongly.