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Ohio Medical Marijuana Patients Are Unhappy About High Prices

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Ohio’s medical marijuana patients are upset that more dispensaries haven’t opened yet, which is contributing to high prices at some of the operating dispensaries. However, patients are satisfied with curbside pick-up being permitted.

The Ohio Board of Pharmacy sent a survey to patients to measure their satisfaction with the state’s medical marijuana program, said. Response to the survey was low, at only about 10% of the total patient count. The survey was sent out just as a few rule changes are being discussed.

The Ohio Board of Pharmacy is going to consider increasing the number of dispensaries in the state to increase patient access. This may also help lower medical marijuana product prices for patients and caregivers. Prices have come down a little bit, but an ounce of flower is still averaging $296.

Patients are mentioning that the average price per ounce calculated is lower than what they’re actually paying at dispensaries. Patients that have low incomes or are veterans do receive discounts.

One patient said, “I can’t believe with all the trash pills that medical pays for that we can’t get help with medical marijuana. It got to the point I didn’t even renew my card and went back to my family doctor and pain management just because my medical will pay for it. This is supposed to be medical not recreational.”

Although the responses to the survey were not great in number, there were over 1,000 mentions of prices being too high. Others noted that there are not enough options available to suit their symptoms.

One patient said, “Would you go to a commercial pharmacy (such as Drug Mart, Walgreens etc.) if each time they gave you different medicine to fill your prescription? That’s exactly how it is at the dispensaries! There is absolutely no consistency in the strains offered.”

Changes are coming, but patients must give the program more time to mature and more dispensaries to open so that prices can decrease to more affordable levels.