Monday , September 26 2022
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Ohio Survey Finds Medical Marijuana Program Needs Improvements

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The Ohio State University Drug Enforcement Policy Center and Harm Reduction Ohio conducted a consumer survey regarding the state’s medical marijuana program. The survey found that 67% are dissatisfied with the program. Most of the 647 participants have a qualifying condition and use medical marijuana.

The survey also indicated that 87% of those surveyed did purchase products from dispensaries, Dayton Daily News says. It also shows that only 45% actually received a doctor’s recommendation. The state’s program is tightly regulated, which makes it a little harder for those with qualifying conditions to obtain their medical marijuana cards.

Dennis Cauchon of Harm Reduction Ohio said, “The Ohio regulated, legal marijuana market cannot compete with the highly sophisticated illegal marijuana market. The problem ultimately is the regulations. The regulations are the worst in the country in Ohio.”

Ohio dispensary prices are almost double black market prices. At dispensaries, grams of flower average $18.47, while the black market price averages $8.23. Other than the high prices, Ohioans are also dissatisfied with low amount of dispensaries that are available statewide and are having a hard time obtaining a doctor’s recommendation.

Ohio currently has 30 dispensaries. As the industry grows, more dispensaries will open and prices will decrease.