Monday , September 28 2020
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Ohio Governor Signs Bill Legalizing Hemp and CBD Products

Cannabis Legalization

Prohibition of hemp and hemp-derived cannabidiol (CBD) products has officially ended in Ohio.

Senate Bill 57, legalizing hemp and CBD products in Ohio, was signed into law at the Ohio State Fair, reports.  The law took effect immediately upon its signature. Hemp-derived CBD is no longer listed on Ohio’s Controlled Substances List.

Hemp cultivation will begin at Ohio State University and other colleges this summer. OSU isn’t wasting any time obtaining hemp plants; It plans to purchase about 2,000 plants the first week of August.

Owner of Your CBD Store in Anderson, Dave Arend, said, “I think this removes the stigma that what we sell is medical marijuana. It’s not, and we definitely anticipate a lot more customers who want the benefit of CBD without the high of medical marijuana.’’

Key points of the law include:

  • Draft rules must be created within 6 months
  • Federal officials must approve Ohio’s proposed hemp industry regulations
  • Purchase necessary test equipment for both plants and products of the plant
  • No mentions of unauthorized health claims
  • All food safety guidelines must be met

Ohio does not plan to set a limit on the number of licenses it will issue for hemp farming or processing.

The Ohio Farm Bureau has estimated that hemp will become a top crop behind corn and soybeans.

Ohio is the 46th state in the U.S. to approve hemp farming.