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Ohio Accepting Ideas for Medical Marijuana Qualifying Conditions


From now until Dec 31, those wishing to have a condition considered for medical marijuana may submit a petition to the Board of Pharmacy. The state’s medical marijuana law requires an annual review to potentially add new conditions. This will be the first round of petitions the board will consider.

The petitions require a long list of items to accompany them, according to Cincinnati.com. To make the process easier, petitions can be submitted online. The review process will begin on January  1, 2019.

Petitions must include:

  • Name of health conditions
  • Expert information regarding the ailment
  • Scientific/medical evidence about the condition
  • Information regarding the efficacy of conventional treatments (why they are not sufficient)
  • Supporting evidence of why marijuana works over conventional treatments (scientific studies, journal articles, peer-reviewed studies, concrete medical evidence)
  • Letters from physicians that treat the condition or have knowledge of it

Once a condition is approved, it is immediately added as a qualifying condition.

Tessie Pollock, spokeswoman for the Board of Pharmacy, said, “Medical marijuana doesn’t have a lot of peer-reviewed research so we may be looking at out of state experts. We hope to get several different perspectives on the subject.”

In 2019, a person receiving a rejection may not resubmit a petition for the same condition unless new information is available – such as new scientific data about the condition and the efficacy of marijuana for that condition.

The state may also be looking to add opioid addiction to the list of qualifying conditions.