Monday , September 28 2020
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Ohio Says Dispensaries Are Only Places to Legally Sell CBD Oil

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CBD oil in Ohio can only be sold in a licensed medical marijuana dispensary according to the Board of Pharmacy. Prior to this decision, CBD oil was able to be found on many store shelves. One store owner says that a majority of those purchasing the oil are senior citizens.

The Board of Pharmacy says that the source and quantities of active ingredients in these products must be known, according to WHIO 7 News. Rabi Ahmad owns Smokers Plus, noting that CBD oil is a popular product in his store. His concern is that the state just wants to hog the money from medical marijuana or hemp derived products. He understands the board’s position in wanting to properly regulate everything, but thinks this move is a little too much.

Ahmad said, “The prices, if they’re going to skyrocket, are going to hurt customers’ pockets.”

The comment comes as Ahmad believes that consumer cost will rise having to only purchase CBD oil from a licensed dispensary.

Regarding his customers, Ahmad said, “Senior citizens mostly by the CBD. The young kids, they don’t buy CBD at all.”

According to the Board of Pharmacy – anyone possessing CBD oil that is not purchased from a dispensary (no dispensaries are open in the state yet), may face criminal charges. The board also states that its focus will be on education about CBD instead of criminal charges being filed against businesses or individuals.