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50,000 Sq Ft Medical Marijuana Greenhouse Being Built Near Dayton

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The Dayton area seems to be the perfect location for Cresco Labs’ new operation. The company broke ground on its cultivation facility just last week. The facility will cost about $7 million to build.

The greenhouse will span across 8-acres totaling 50,000-sqft., USA Today reports. The area has only about 3,700 residents, so it makes it the perfect location for a secure marijuana cultivation facility. Dave Chappelle happens to be from the same area.

Charles Batchell, CEO of Cresco Labs, said, “If we were going to create this new version of cannabis (production) in an area that never had it before, it was really important to have a solid relationship with the community. Yellow Springs was on board with this collaborative process as soon as we started talking. We really hit it off.”

Regarding Dave Chappelle being from the area, Batchell said, “I wasn’t initially aware of the town’s reputation, but it was interesting to find that out.”

The 50,000-sqft. facility will be divided equally in half. One section will be co cultivation and the other portion will be for offices, harvesting and packaging. The facility will be technologically advanced that will help the company control the growing environment.

Batchell said, “Calling it a greenhouse almost does it a disservice. I like to call it a super technologically advanced warehouse with a translucent roof on top.”

One of the biggest benefits for the Yellow Springs community is the creation of jobs. Roughly 150 construction jobs will be available. Cresco Labs also plans to hire several dozen full-time employees when construction is completed.

Cresco Labs’ license may be in jeopardy after the state found out that one of those hired to help score applications was a convicted drug dealer.

Regarding that debacle, Batchell said, “Everybody needs to step back and remember that this is a medical law that was passed specifically to help patients in Ohio. Freezing the licenses would be doing a disservice to the patients and people of Ohio, and the law that was passed.”

Batchell has applied for a marijuana processing license and a dispensary license.

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