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Ohio Medical Marijuana Business Operating Costs Limit Applicants

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The cost of licensing and operating a medical marijuana facility in Ohio is a big reason why Ted Spitler of Toledo Hemp Center won’t be applying. Spitler is pleased to see Ohio implementing a medical marijuana law, he just doesn’t see himself becoming involved with it. Spitler is a former Michigan dispensary owner.

Michigan law changes required the closure of Spitler’s dispensary, according to Toledo Blade. Spitler’s hemp-based products provide relief for his repeat customers. He offers lotions, edibles, pills and oils all derived from the hemp plant.

Spitler said, “The list of requirements is huge. There’s no way I can come up with the funding. I’ve got everything I have into this.”

Toledo Hemp Center distinguishes itself apart from the medical marijuana industry by keeping its product line solely hemp-based. The business has an environment that its older clientele enjoy.

Spitler said, “They don’t want to get high. It’s two different clienteles. Why should I create an uncomfortable zone when I created that comfort zone for them?”

At first, Spitler had intentions of opening up a medical marijuana dispensary.

He said, “Now that I’ve been at it three years, it’s a different mindset. What we’re doing in Toledo now is we’re creating an acceptance thing. There’s more to it than just getting high. I think Toledo can be a model for how it should be done.”

Sixty licenses will be available in Ohio for dispensaries. Those wishing to open a medical marijuana dispensary just submit a $5,000 application fee, must be able to show $250,000 of on-hand cash/funding and must be able to pay a $70,000 annual license renewal fee.