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City in Ohio Has Already Endorsed a Medical Marijuana Dispensary Application

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Despite the lack of information available regarding zoning and medical marijuana regulation in Ohio, Darrin Farrow’s application was endorsed by the Elyria City Council. Farrow wishes to apply for multiple licenses. He wishes to grow, sell and process medical marijuana in Elyria.

Although the city endorses the application, it doesn’t guarantee him license approvals, according to The Chronicle. Ohio is establishing a grading matrix to determine which applications to approve. Green Mile hopes its score will be high enough to gain the necessary approvals.

Mayor Holly Brinda said, “We are learning a lot along the way. We know this will be sort of a leap of faith and the research is not completely conclusive, but there is substantial evidence…so that the state took that leap of faith and made it legal.”

While interested businesspeople, lawmakers and residents await the finalization of the rules, there are a few things that can be established beforehand. Some estimate that the City of Elyria could bring in about $3.75-million in tax revenue just by allowing medical marijuana dispensaries to operate.

Even the Elyria police chief Duane Whitely believes that crime won’t increase if a medical marijuana dispensary opens in the city.

Councilman Marcus Madison said, “It’s important moving forward that our prevention providers have a voice and a seat at the time to discuss the ways we can educate and share information to the general public about medical marijuana and ongoing ways to encourage our younger kids in the community to make healthy decisions.”

The vote to endorse Darrin Farrow’s business venture was supported with eight of eleven votes in favor of his application.