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The Cleveland Cannabis College Has Opened for Business in Ohio

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Independence, Ohio is the home of the Cleveland Cannabis College. It’s tucked away in an office building. For those wanting to enter the marijuana industry, the coursework available will have you well prepared.

Classes are open to prospective business owners, physicians and horticulturists, according to Cleveland Scene.  CEO Richard Pine is hoping to revolutionize the way that medical marijuana is regulated, sold, tested and cultivated. Ohio has taken the structure of other states’ medical marijuana programs to shape its own.

Pine said, “Other states don’t necessarily treat the plant as medicine. There has to be somewhere for doctors to learn – and to learn how to talk to patients about this.”

Introductory classes are available to get your feet wet. These lead into specialty certifications and degrees. The first class started in late January.

A networking event was held last weekend. Pine said, “I saw that need for a hub.”

Pine isn’t teaching anything about regulations yet as Ohio doesn’t have theirs completely set yet. He said, “We can’t teach what’s not written yet. We have the majority of the meat and potatoes of the curriculum done.” He is hoping that regulations are set in place by April 20 so that the curriculum can be written for compliance courses.

Regarding the future of Cleveland Cannabis College, Pine said, “There will be more opportunities as the years go on. But you’ll need to have the experience, number one, to get a job or a license. We’re that transition where students can come and further their education, and we’re also in the process of setting up some programs out West and in Michigan to get students hands-on experience – work internships – so they’ll be able to get their feet on the ground and actually work with the material.”

Educated medical marijuana business owners and employees will help get the program off to a proper start.