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Ohio’s Medical Marijuana Law Goes Into Effect in September

Medical Marijuana

On September 8, 2016, medical marijuana will become legal in Ohio. Although, doctors will not be able to write recommendations/prescriptions for medical marijuana for a few months after the law goes into effect. The state will soon begin the process of selecting the members of its 13-member Medical Marijuana Advisory Committee.

The purpose of the Medical Marijuana Advisory Committee is to help the Department of Commerce, state medical board, and state pharmacy board to create rules and regulations for cultivation, 10 TV reported. Growers still have to wait about 6 months to begin cultivation.

Representative Steve Huffman said, “The thought is, is that you know within 240 days they’ll have to have the rules on growing it, then … get a start on the testing, the manufacturing and the distribution.”

Huffman also said, “People have to wait to find out the rules, and if that is the type of business that they can make money in, or a desire that they want to get into if they can follow those rules.”

A cultivation process will be put in place before rules and procedures for businesses will be completed. Doctors and other businesses are both required to apply for licenses. Lawmakers do not expect cultivation to begin until spring 2017.