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Medical Marijuana Likely to Be on November Ballot in Ohio

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The Marijuana Policy Project (MPP) plans to put a medical marijuana amendment on Ohio’s ballot in November. The non-profit works directly with state legislatures to improve medical marijuana laws and has been successful in Arizona, Colorado, Michigan and Montana, and elsewhere.

MPP spokesperson, Mason Tvert says, “It’s really about time. We just can’t wait any longer.”

In 2015, Ohio voters rejected Issue 3, which would have legalized both recreational and medical marijuana. Released one month before that vote, Quinnipiac University showed that roughly 90-percent of Ohio voters support marijuana for medicinal purposes.

Ohio news station, WCPO, reports that the biggest problem with the last proposal was the creation of an oligopoly that would have limited the commercial growing market to a group of 10 investors that bankrolled the amendment. Since the 2015 election, Ohio state lawmakers, business group leaders and law enforcement groups created a task force to study the issue of medical marijuana.

Representative Kirk Schuring says, “I think it’s important that we have some sense of process and an opportunity for all to weigh in.”

The MPP has been invited to all seven hearings regarding medical marijuana in Ohio. The first is scheduled for January 28, 2016.

Tvert further explained that Ohio has patients that cannot wait any longer. He also says that he is glad that Ohio’s legislature is exploring the possibility of the legalization of medical marijuana.

The MPP’s drafted proposal should be ready in about 6 weeks. The non-profit is also looking for an Ohio-based campaign manager at this time.

According to Tvert, “We’re going to build a very strong campaign.”