Wednesday , December 7 2022
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Ohio Releases Draft Rules for Medical Marijuana Program

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Some of the rules for the Ohio medical marijuana program have been drafted for finalization. As the law stands now, there are 20 health conditions approved that patients can qualify for under the program. Patients would also pay an annual $50 fee for a medical marijuana card. Veterans and those on disability, however, would pay only $25 annually.

Both patients and caregivers will be required to register with the Ohio State Board of Pharmacy, according to Patients may also be required to register through their doctor’s office, but that hasn’t been decided yet. For now, the state will allow 40 business licenses for medical marijuana manufacturers (cultivators).

As the program grows and the need for more processors becomes apparent, changes may be considered. Processors may have to pay up to $10,000 in application fees and an additional $90,000 in licensing fees. Renewals would all cost $100,000 annually.

Smokable forms of medical marijuana won’t be allowed and patients won’t be permitted to cultivate at home. A public commentary period is in place until February 10 at 5 p.m. Following the commentary period, further steps to finalize the proposed rules will be taken.