Tuesday , September 18 2018
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Names of NM Marijuana Producers To Be Public

Names of NM Marijuana Producers To Be Public

On Wednesday Gov. Susana Martinez announced that the names of state medical marijuana dispensaries and their employees will be made public. The decision comes less than a week after a lawsuit was filed in an effort to strike down the regulation and will only apply to producers and their employees. The names of New Mexico’s medical marijuana patients will not be made public.

“The governor has taken a close look at this issue over the past several weeks, and she does not believe this information should be confidential any longer. In a move that will provide better transparency, the governor has directed the New Mexico Department of Health to change the rule, which would now make that information public for the first time.” Martinez spokesman Chris Sanchez said.

The Department of Health has previously defended the confidentiality rule as necessary for the security of medical pot producers and patients. A Health Department spokesman said in 2013 that the release of producer information could lead to the disclosure of production locations, and patient information could be compromised.

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